I am Xander Hall

I am a SEO consultant and owner of Invigorated Online Marketing (:

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This is me. Consultant by day & designer by night. I never sleep… almost.

I love giving people the know how of how to do seo by themselves. I also like actually doing the work for them! (surprising right?) I primarily work on giving you the best information, techniques and strategies you can implement into your website quickly and efficiently. I also fix and redesign WordPress websites too so if you’re ever in need email me!

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Online Marketing Consultations

Here is a list of things I can do for you

SEO Consulting

My bread and butter (vegan butter, i’m lactose) I love meeting with business owners and discussing what they’re doing wrong so I can show them how to fix their problem. I also point out what they’re doing right and how they can make it even better! I always say that there is always need for improvement no matter how big or small it may be. I also show and tell my clients the EXACT tools and strategies I use for seo.

Web Design

I focus on third party hosted sites which utilize WordPress. I have a creative eye for designing the right layout for your business as well as magical ways too boost your on page seo for it!

Social Media

If you aren’t supplementing your business with social media, you’re missing out on TONS of customers/clients. Social media is the number 1 way of building a community and a brand behind your business. It also shows the value you offer to people who are interested in the same thing as what you’re providing! It’s a gateway to more engagement, traffic and checkouts for your business.

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